Facial scrubs

I don’t like facial scrubs and here’s why.

The reason that you shouldn’t like them too is that they are an easy way to damage your skin. There is research that shows that by using facial scrubs you actually make little scratches, called micro-tears, in your skin. Of course some products can be gentle enough for you to not hurt the skin, but the question is are you gentle enough? Probably not. Most people go hard with these products on their faces and it only hurts them. The truth is facial scrubs don’t clear your pores, because they can only exfoliate the surface of your face and our pores are much deeper. Scrubs don’t clear acne too, the only thing that will happen, you will be left with more irritation and redness.

Stay away from these types of products and if you need to exfoliate use chemical exfoliants, they don’t make the same damage as scrubs and if you use them correctly the results are way more satisfying.

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