How to determine your skin type?

The easiest way!

The easiest way to determine your skin type is right after waking up in the morning to wash your face with clean water and just wait for 30-40 minutes without applying any make-up or skincare, and then to look in the mirror friends.

Now you have to see if there is oil on your T-zone, if that part of your face is really oily and the other part of your skin is a little oily too, that will mean you have oily skin.

If there is no oil on your skin and you see flakes, it itches or you can feel that “squeaky clean” sensation still, you probably have dry skin.

The hardest one to be determined is the combination skin type. If you have this one you will probably see the oil on your T-zone, but the sides of your face will be itchy, flaky or have the pulling sensation, the “squeaky clean” one. Be careful and you will get it right.

What you will see if you have normal skin is probably a tiny bit of oil, but not much and there will be no itching, flaking nor any pull on the skin.

For those of you that want to know if your skin is sensitive, you can have all the types of skin we talked about and it can be sensitive. The way to determine if your skin is sensitive is to look at how it’s reacting to skincare. If your skin is easily irritated by products that are actually not harsh like the toner I talked about in one of my posts link and it becomes red easy you probably have sensitive skin.

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