The Ordinary Glycolic acid 7% toner.

The Ordinary has great products. But with some of them you should be careful like the Glycolic acid toner, not that it doesn’t work, but I made a mistake. So I’m going to tell you now how to use it correctly and of course that is applicable to most products with high concentrations of AHA or BHA.

My experience

I bought the toner to try it on my back acne (bacne), wanted to exfoliate the dead skin cells on it, so I could get rid of some of the scars and hyperpigmentation. Used it for a week or so, when the great idea to put it on my face too, came to me. Well here’s what happened I toned my face with it for about two weeks (on a daily basis), before my skin started to give up, it became red and itchy, needless to say I made a rookie mistake, because I’ve seen great results with my back. I was tempted and didn’t think, that is likely for the skin on my face to not handle this harsh treatment like the one on my back.

Proper use

Use it two to three times a week (keep in mind that for some people even two times can be a lot, so judge by your skin and the way it reacts, and it’s preferable to not use it more than three times)

Use it in the evening (This will give great results and keep your skin safe from the sun)

Use sunscreen on a daily basis-This is very important, please listen to me!

If your skin get really irritated, or you see signs of allergy stop using the product and consult your doctor.

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